W321-- - Red
W321-- - Red
W321-- - Red
W321-- - Red
W321-- - Red
W321-- - Red

Adamis Red Colour Pure Leather Coin Purse ( W321 )


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Product Description
  • Full Grain Leather is very flexible, soft and durable, which gives a beautiful appreance of the leather hide (skin) and is considered the premium quality leather in the world
  • Adamis Currency and Coin Pouch is made for more durability and high security that will last for a long time
  • Adamis Coin Purse keep your coin and lose currency intact in one place. This slim coin pouch case is the most efficient way to organize all your keys, lose coins, receipts and bank notes.
  • Adamis Change Pouch is small in size for you to carry it anywhere without any burden. The size is as 9 cm X 9 cm which can be easily placed in your pocket or small purse.

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9 cms diameter


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