About Us
Adamis is owned and operated by Rasulbhai Adamji, a business group formally incorporated in 1965. Connoisseurs of fine leather accessories have patronized our creations for over 60 years. In addition to selling leather accessories of the highest quality throughout India, we also cater to international customers in Australia, Germany, the Middle East, Nepal, Spain, Switzerland and UK and are rapidly expanding our footprint globally. We are also one of Mumbai's biggest wholesalers and retailers of finished leather hides used in the manufacture of shoes, bags, upholstery and watch straps.

What humbly began as only exclusive leather accessories for women grew further to include men's leather a ccessories and thus was born ADAMIS.

Today, Our customer profile is diverse and includes eminent personalities, foreign tourists, non resident Indians as well as discerning individuals from every walk of life and age group.

Our flagship store was also included in the itinerary of the Prince of Luxembourg and the Prince of Hungary on their official visits to India.

Our products are of the highest quality and crafted to last a lifetime, ensuring unprecedented brand loyalty from our customers

Adamis is widely regarded as a leading brand of genuine leather accessories with customers across India and other parts of the world. And though Adamis designs are indigenous they are at par with international quality standards and trends.  

Our entire product development process is fully integrated from the first stage to the finished product. A special division for leather procurement sources and develops exclusive leather from dedicated tanneries. We source our procurements from 10 manufacturing units commissioned exclusively by Adamis to offer their complete production to us. Additionally, a dedicated unit manufactures and develops metal fixtures and fittings only for our products.
Most importantly, all of the above is supported by our e
xtensive and reliable business experience spanning over six decades.

Our flagship store is located on Colaba Causeway in Mumbai. The store enjoys an esteemed clientele which includes the leading corporate families in India, international celebrities, well known sports personalities and distinguished people from the film and fashion industry. Our flagship store was also included in the itinerary of the Prince of Luxembourg and the Prince of Hungary on their official visit to India.

Additionally, our products are also retailed through Multi Brand Stores (MBOs) in India. For more details please visit our Store Locator.