PersonalisationMake your purchase truly unique by adding a name, a date or a brief personal message, all for free. If you choose to purchase select products (see the list below) you will be taken to a page where your personalization preference will be processed seamlessly and your selection will then be added to your shopping cart. It’s as simple as that!

List of products
- Wallets
- File cases
- Folders
- Key chains
- Card cases
- Cosmetic pouches

Terms and conditions

Personalized message/content will generally appear on the right bottom corner of the product or on the flap if the product has one. In case of wallets it could appear inside the wallet on the coin flap or on the area below the flap. If an Adamis logo appears in any of these positions, then Adamis would place the personalisation content maintaining the design aesthetics of the product.

The personalisation effects on different leather types are demonstrated in the images above.

Orders that include personalization take 2 additional days of processing time and are subject to special terms and conditions with respect to returns and cancellations. Please review our returns policy here and our cancellations policy here before choosing to personalize a product purchase.
Personalization is only available for purchases made on or at exclusive ADAMIS stores
If you have any other questions with respect to personalization please contact us at or at +91.9833449272